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Blow Performance Exhausts manufacture Sports Exhaust Systems for Harley Davidson, Chopper & Custom Motorcycles with Evolution & Big Twin 80ci to 131ci Engines from 1984-2016, and Milwaukee-Eight 107ci to 117ci Engines 2017 onwards.

Our designs deliver increased performance and great sound as well as a variation in looks with our bonus 3 heat shield sets included in our Killer Kit Range.

Blow Performance Exhausts are 3-Stepped Tuned Headers. From the exhaust port, our header pipe merges into a larger diameter header pipe and then once more merges into an even larger diameter header pipe thus consisting of multiple step ups along the length of the exhaust pipe.

Blow Performance Exhausts are designed for high RPM's and run at greatest performance without collectors, mufflers, or baffles. The first step helps prevent reversion, thus giving power at low RPM's. Steps placed further down the pipe create pressure drops in the flow of the gases and increase power at higher RPM's. Our designs work with the exhaust pulse and give a broad power band on 80ci -131ci EVO & Twin Cam Engines as well as 107ci – 117 ci Milwaukee Eight Engines.

Specifically designed and calibrated for piston to valve synchronization, the pressure wave begins to travel down the tube. When it reaches the end of the tube, it reverses as a vacuum wave and comes back towards the cylinder. Our tuned headers time that wave to hit right around the closing of the exhaust port, this boost scavenges residuals out of the cylinder while the intake begins to fill.

Blow Performance Exhausts first primary length is close to the exhaust port. This prevents a sudden drop in velocity due to a volume increase from head port to exhaust tube, from there we start stepping up the diameter.

Scavenging is the effect generated by harnessing the inertial energy of a high velocity exhaust gas pulse. The best performance exhaust system has no back pressure, this is misunderstood and confused with the pressure wave.

A high velocity pulse of exhaust gas carries with it energy; as the pulse moves through space it displaces the following volume behind it. This generates a low-pressure zone like a weak vacuum. Scavenging effect is created, and a low-pressure area is left in the vacated cylinder ready for the incoming intake charge. When the intake valve opens, the air/fuel mixture can cram in even before the piston begins to travel toward bottom dead centre (BDC) — this generates a very mild forced induction effect. We refer to this as “Induction Boost”

Our 3 Step Tuned Headers Systems are all internally coated with heat resistant paint. This prevents corrosion and overheating. Exhaust Pipes come with 5-year warranty all other components 12 months warranty. We do not warrant with Chrome Blueing and recommend correct and skilful tuning of your motorcycle engine to prevent a lean fuel mixture.

Components can be purchased individually or Complete Exhaust System.

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  • Ceramic Matte Black or Showroom Chrome Long & Short Exhaust Pipe
  • 3 x Heat Shield Sets
  • Ceramic Matte Black plus
  • Showroom Chrome Plus
  • Solid Rose Gold Polished Copper
  • Heat Shield Clamp No 2 38-57 Stainless Steel (5)
  • Centre Housing Bolt 75 mm Stainless Steel (1)
  • Kong Support Bracket 8mm Stainless Steel (1)
  • Bung Plug 18 mm Stainless Steel (2)
  • Bung Reducer 12 mm Stainless Steel (2)
  • O2 Sensor Crush Washer (2)
  • Exhaust Flange & Gasket Stainless Steel Kit with Standard & Pro Race Gaskets
  • Baffles & Catalytic Converters OPTIONAL
  • All components come individually cloth wrapped and packaged in a styrene box with a graphic retail sleeve and shipped in a strengthened cardboard Shipper.


  • Ceramic Matte Black Long & Short Exhaust Pipes & Ceramic Matt Black Heat Shields
  • or
  • Showroom Chrome Long & Short Exhaust Pipes & Showroom Chrome Heat Shields
  • Heat Shield Clamp No 2 38-57 Stainless Steel (5)
  • Centre Housing Bolt 75mm Stainless Steel (1)
  • Kong Support Bracket 8mm Stainless Steel (1)
  • Bung Plug 18mm Stainless Steel (2)
  • Bung Reducer 12mm Stainless Steel (2)
  • O2 Sensor Crush Washer (2)
  • Baffles & Catalytic Converters OPTIONAL

All components come individually cloth wrapped and packaged in a strengthened cardboard Shipper. 

Blow Performance Exhausts uses MetallTech Pty. Ltd for Metallurgical and Materials Consulting.

By obtaining Metal substrate oxidation transitional layer technology, we meet the requirement of uniformity and stability.

Blow Performance Catalytic Converters Part No. BESSPK008

Blow Performance Exhaust are designed and manufactured for closed circuit and race use, however in some countries EPA regulation allows for noise and emission levels to be more tolerant than the International regulations standard.

Our latest development in environmental contribution is our 400 PSI Catalytic Converters.  Our Catalytic Converter Kit not only provide emissions support but also reduce the sound levels to an acceptable consumer satisfaction without losing the quality deep muscle sound our market has come to love.

Serviceable & Interchangeable 400 PSI Catalytic Converters.

Serviceable means our Catalytic Converters can be installed, removed or replaced within 5 minutes and can be done without the services of a motor mechanic. Blow Performance Catalytic Converters & Baffles are compatible with all Blow Performance Exhaust Systems. Backward compatible allowing previous Blow Performance Exhaust System with straight through or fitted with Baffles to be replaced with our Catalytic Converters.

Blow Performance Catalytic Converter Kits use catalysts with metal substrates to convert Nitrogen Oxides (NOx), Carbon Monoxide (CO) and Hydrocarbons (HC) into Carbon Dioxide(CO2)water (H2O) and nitrogen(N2).

With Precious Metal coating technologies, Blow Performance Exhausts strives to achieve with optimized precious metals a higher catalytic performance enhances higher oxygen storage capacity (OSC) and stability, by applying Precious Metals-Rare Earth compound catalytic technology.

Blow Performance Exhausts Baffle Kits Part No. BEMSPK001

Baffles are a cost-effective way to reduce DB levels without compromising too much Horsepower & Torque from your engine


Should you use Blow Performance Exhaust Systems for street use we makes no claim that our Catalytic Converter Kits or Baffle Kits meets your local EPA Emissions regulatory Levels. We advise you conduct your own individual Emission Testing and compare the results to your local regulatory standards.

We are committed to our customer's satisfaction and stand proud behind our product and service. We commenced in 2012 with design and testing, we are proud of what we have created for our biker communities’ worldwide.

Blow Performance Exhausts is an Australian Owned Company with design and manufacturing affiliates in the United States & China.

We currently have distribution warehouses in the USA, UK & Australia. We ship to most countries.

Blow Performance Exhaust ships product worldwide, our products are designed and used for race enhancing purposes, for street use, please check with your governmental regulatory authority that monitor and enforce EPA Emission Regulations in your area.





Manufactured for closed course competition. Please check your local EPA authorities for street use.

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